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Dr. Dimitris Mavrikios

Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems & Automation
Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics

University of Patras
Rio, Patras 26504, Greece
Tel.: +30 2610 910160, +30 2610-910166, +30 2610-997262
Fax: +30 2610 997314 



    Dimitris Mavrikios holds a doctoral degree (Ph.D.) from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics of the University of Patras (2000).  He received a diploma (M.S.) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Patras (1995).

    His research interests and expertise lie in the fields of CAD/CAM, 3D Simulation, Virtual Reality, Virtual Prototyping, Virtual Manufacturing, Digital Factory, Digital Human Simulation, Computer-Aided Ergonomics, Collaborative Virtual Environments, Semantics-based Virtual Environments, Manufacturing Education and Industrial Learning.

    Dimitris Mavrikios works as a Research Project Manager at the Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems and Automation in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics of the University of Patras.  Since 1995, he has been involved in more than 20 national & European research projects, acting as Senior Researcher, Project and Technical Manager.  DMU-PS, VIRTUE, REAL-MAN, VISION, KNOW-FACT, i-VISION etc. are indicatively some of the EC funded projects he has been involved in.  In the context of these duties, he has been leading research teams towards designing, implementing and deploying innovative VR-based methodologies and systems for product design, manufacturing process simulation, validation and training, human motion modeling and simulation, ergonomics analysis and modelling.

    He is acting as a reviewer for scientific journals in the area of computer integrated manufacturing and as an expert evaluator for a number of national research funding agencies in the EU.  He has cooperated with major European industrial companies and associations. He has given several scientific presentations and invited talks in Conferences and Workshops organised by the EC.

    He is actively involved in the Manufuture European Technology Platform and the Factories of the Future (FoF) initiative. He is engaged in the activities of the Implementation Support Group (ISG) of Manufuture. He is a Member of the Industrial Research Advisory Group of the European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA), being in charge of the research domain “Human-centric Manufacturing”. He has been acting as additional expert in the Ad-hoc Industrial Advisory Group (AIAG) of the Factories of the Future (FoF) Public-Private Partnership (PPP), actively contributing to the preparation of the FoF Research Roadmaps 2010-13 and 2014-20.

    He has currently more than 55 publications, i.e. seventeen (17) publications in international refereed scientific journals, ten (10) chapters in books, and thirty one (31) publications in conference proceedings with review in the full paper.

    He speaks English fluently and has a good command of the French and German language.

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